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Instantly elevate your book's visual appeal with my collection of premade book cover illustrations. Each design is a masterpiece waiting to complement your story, offering a captivating first impression that entices readers to delve into the magic within the pages.


With 321 premade covers sold to date over 11 series, you won't find higher quality science fiction premade covers... anywhere.

If you're on a smaller marketing budget, or in a hurry to get your next book released, look no further.

31 original covers that will take you to new worlds, at an unbeatable price.

Please have a look at the premade cover galleries below. There are four categories to choose from. Core, Elite, Prime, and a new category for Series XII - Trinity.

Core covers are the most basic and show a detailed ship in space. Elite covers show multiple ships engaging in 1v1 battles or friendly engagements with stations and other ships. Prime covers are the most detailed. They show epic, action-packed space battles, giant fleets, and other high-detail illustrations.​

Trinity covers are a set of three highly curated pieces that work together to create a great-looking trilogy. They come as a set and can't be bought individually.


(All prices shown in GBP):

  • Core: £345
  • Elite: £445
  • Prime: £545
  • Trinity: £1,500*

*All Trinity sets include ALL extras - saving £120!

The price includes (for all covers):

Paperback formatting, ebook cover, 4k desktop wallpaper, and custom text (front, back, and spine). If you'd prefer to use your own text and format the cover yourself, that's okay too.​


Here is a list of the extras that can be added to any cover order (price per cover):

  • Hardback: £15
  • Social Media Banner: £10
  • Audiobook cover: £15
  • 3D cover render: £15


1 - Purchase all extras for a cover and get them at the reduced price of £40

(Saving £15 in total)

2 - Purchase any three CORE, ELITE, and PRIME covers and receive all EXTRAS for FREE

(Saving £120 in total)

The text shown on the cover previews is just for illustration purposes and does not represent the custom text you would receive.

All cover artwork is painted at a very high resolution at 6500 pixels wide.


If you see a cover you'd like to purchase, please send me an email at

You will need to include the name of the cover, i.e. Elite-2, and if you'd like custom text. Please send a backup cover (if you can see one you like) just in case your first choice has gone.

All covers are subject to a contractual agreement, and all invoices will be in British pounds sterling.

The covers are on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you're selected cover is available it will be held for 48 hours after your first email request. At this time, the contract and invoice will be sent and will need to be signed/returned and funds transferred. The cover will be made available again if this doesn't happen within the time period. 

All covers without custom text will be sent within 72 hours after payment has been received.

For custom text, delivery time may vary, as you will work with me to design a font/style you like, and that compliments the artwork. This process normally takes around 3-7 working days.

I accept PayPal or a direct bank transfer (using your bank or sites like Wise). If PayPal is your chosen payment method, an additional 5% will be added to the total price to cover their fees. Please include your chosen payment method in your initial email.

I hope you are able to find a cover you like for your sci-fi novel, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

If you'd like to ask me any questions please send them over to my email and I'll be happy to answer them.